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10ltr Phylgreen Organic Liquid Seaweed fertilizer


Phylgreen is a 100% active, cold processed extract of Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed kelp plant biostimulant.

Ascophyllum nodosum is internationally recognized and scientifically proven to be the richest source of plant stimulating components

Product Description

Phylgreen 200

  • Phylgreen contains active components that are preserved by our gentle low temperature cold extraction process
  • These active components include Alginates, Mannitols, Polysaccharides and Polyphenols
  • Phylgreen components influence germination and sprouting, flowering and fruit set, and reduce the impact of climate and salinity stress
  • Phylgreen naturally contains hormone-like plant activators that actively promote vegetative and root growth
  • 100% water soluble so will not block sprayers or dripper’s
  • Does not contain artificial hormones

Grassland (2 Litres per acre)

  • • Higher resistance to nematode stress (Laminarins)
  • • Improved grass colour
  • • Higher resistance to drought stress and faster recovery (trials: 2 days recovery after drought stress, using 20% less water) (Mannitol)
  • • Increased microbial life within the soil
  • • Greater efficiency of N,P,K,Mn,Mg
  • • HIgher leaf density
  • • Improved root development

Wheat / Barley / Maize (1 Litre per 100 litres of water)

• Improved root development

• Reduces the damaging effects of pathogens and pesticide treatments

• Higher yield

• Higher resistance to drought and frost

• Increase microbial life within the soil


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